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As noted in my “about me” page, I used to really care about my outward appearance (as most normal girls learn to do from the time they see their moms first pair of heels or make-up) for the usual suspects, vanity, ego, pride, and “the sought after size 2”,  but after much maturity as a person and in my faith walk God has shown me the important reasons in taking pride in my outward appearance–and its not for any of those reasons listed above.

So some of my posts will be in regards to sharing another passion of mine: FITNESS. I’ll be sharing how I am keeping my body performing at its best, so that I am able to live my life to its fullest in the time I have here! The people who help keep me fit, meals I eat, workouts I do, and things of that nature for all the like-minded fitness folks out there.

I hope this provides great workout routines, inspiration, tricks, recipes, and a vessel to motivate you to live a healthy lifestyle in however that looks like for you in your body!



3 thoughts on “Fitness”

  1. Hey jesssiii 🙂 i often think of you , found you on this Page , very Miss you Kiss your Cousin raphi from Austria
    …. Please Write to me


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