So a big part of how we look on the outside, is how we feel on the inside. And, a big part of how we feel on the inside is because of how we look on the outside. Its no secret we live in a world where outward appearance holds some value and prestige in our lives.

The difficulty and challenge lies within keeping that within “healthy” perimeters and not allowing anyone to cause us to believe anything other than the truth.

As a Christian, that truth means I was brought up with knowing my value comes from Christ and I’m made in His image. That I’m a daughter of his, a princess to a King.

That I am clothed in strength and dignity. So no matter what is happening on the outside, I know who I am and my worth! And no one, and nothing can change that!

Part of that strength is in knowing that outward appearance does not define who I am. However, its important also in knowing that your body “is a temple” and in keeping my outward appearance kept (in whatever manner I am able and equipped) I am respecting the Lord. And also, how I dress should also respect and honor the Lord.

Therein lies the struggle, the push and pull between caring about your outward appearance and being proud of what the Lord has blessed you with, and caring too much about the things of this world and the opinion of others. I humbly admit in full disclosure, this is an area I struggle with, as I am a lover of fashion and “brands” and never see a pair of heels that doesn’t need to find its way into my closet.

Everyone has difference ways and means of expressing themselves and the things they wear and how they wear them. God created my personality bold by nature, and my fashion follows suit. It’s not everybody’s cup of tea, but I’m not trying to be everybody 🙂

So for those of you who enjoy bold shirts, gaudy heels, tons of accessories, and pops of color you might wanna stick around for posts in the fashion category or just add me on instagram


clothed in strength and dignity tattoo proverbs 31:25



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