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Hi I’m Jessica–thanks for checking out my blog, excited for the things God will share through this.

Big God – Big expectations

I used to live my life pretty fly by the seat of my pants traveling with Nascar as a spokesperson fresh out of UGA and was in a different city each week for years and enjoyed the fresh and newness of each city, but I realized something was missing–a lot–while I loved that job and it quite suited my natural ability–it took me away from my church family and left me without routine and ability to be “present” which is important to establish relationships


So i got off the road back in 2009 and bought a place in buckhead. Worked for a great startup in social media for 4 years called Livingsocial that you might have heard of 🙂

Life has thrown a few curveballs at me as i wear my heart on my sleeve and I’m thankful to finally see and understand the purpose behind pain and the amazing growth that can come from it. I’m quick witted and sarcastic (thanks Mom for passing that down) but make effort everyday to listen more than I speak–which is super hard since for over 5 years i got paid to speak…haa. But all said and done my experiences both difficult and amazing have left me in a place where i can happily say I know my main purpose in this world is to shine God’s light and share the wonderful joy and lessons He has taught me and most of all be an open window for God’s love bc that is what this life is all about! I’m so thankful for this life He has given me and continually wake up each day reminding myself HE comes first and everything and everyone else will fall into place once that is taken to heart—and it is an active and daily choice I make.

I love all things outdoors and am very active, the outdoors–gods’ great dancefloor–biking, running, surfing, skydiving, you name it I’m game and pretty competitive as well. I love everything fitness and health oriented. Used to be a vanity thing (who doesn’t want to look good–right)…. but I’m thankful to say now God has allowed me to move past that and simply just appreciate and take care of the body He gave me– afterall it’s the only one we have so we should really do what we can to nourish it both physically and spiritually. I’m thankful for a great church community and small group that has allowed me to grow both as a person and in my faith walk to the point to where I am now as I start this blog.

I am a proud mommy of my little Doxle and the love of my life right now, Cooper, you can usually find me working at the park so he can run around on a sunny day. Its amazing the unconditional love and responsibility a dog teaches us, and sheer joy that comes from being his mommy. I can only imagine how much better that gets when you have a family and I look forward to that one day–in Gods timing of course 🙂 Its a learning process everyday to let go and let god as we say (especially as a take charge Leo) but I’m getting there. I try to read my life lesson plans everyday (bible) and try to share as much as I can bc if i benefited from it I’m sure someone else out there will too.

Sushi is my fav food in the world –I could–and at times have— eaten it 3 times in a day. I love sunshine–no really when we have days of “shade” i get slightly depressed (and I work from home sooo ruuhhroo) The beach is my favorite place in the world–you will never catch me at a pool if there is sand nearby. I love and live for music–totally obsessed –all kinds–.and have an uncanny sense for hearing 2 notes and knowing a song before it even starts. My dad sang in the Vienna Boys choir (yes I’m first generation American as both my parents are Austrian) but I didn’t really inherit that gene, however it does not stop me from singing anything I know–and some I don’t know… A song has a funny way of bringing you back to a moment in time so perfectly. I love fashion, and I’m totally an accessories gal, and am a self-admitted shoe collector. (sorry not sorry) I love to laugh bout dumb stuff, I love wine, and running (not together lol) and especially running in cities when i travel. My family being from Europe, (literally my Dad talks like Ah-nold) i love to travel and I have been to just under 20 countries myself and think perspective (especially that gained from travel) is so important in life.

Lastly, My mom is my hero and I’m so thankful for the guidance and love and foundation she has given me and hope one day to give my children as much as she has given to me.

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